March 9, 2020 · 0.6 min read

The United Generations - Work in Progress presented on LIVE!

The United Generations Work in Progress research is presented by Adalberto Lonardi in conversation with Studio Jenny Jones on LIVE!, a digital platform created by Gianluca Alla to fight the stillness of the pandemic lockdown.

The energetic talk focuses on the importance of a multigenerational world and the care of the older population in a fully sustainable community. After a brief introduction of the reasons why the projects started and the research about wellbeing in the late stage of life, Studio Jenny Jones and Adalberto Lonardi engage in a back to back conversation which explains the pillars of The United Generations projects: from the Golden Lane Estate in London which hosts the project to the architectural, design and art development and the questions the author wishes to arise within the community.

Watch the talk here.

Desktop digital platform screen with LIVE! writing in black and red dot on grey backgroundLIVE! - Desktop digital platform by Gianluca Alla