Design and architecture are dead. Pretty variations of the same objects, colours, forms are not enough anymore. Our society needs are beyond aesthetics and function. We need to shift from ego-centrism to care-centrism. Rebels of a new era, we defend a more long-lasting, sustainable, and social-solutions based future. We must reuse, reintegrate, retrain, remarket the available resources. A universal, simple, and sustainable environment must be created for a healthier and longer life. Infrastructures, objects, and services, both virtual and physical, must be designed for the needs and dreams of the next old and new generations. The United-Generation Era must start.


When the older population needs to be reconnected more than ever with the younger one, The United Generations proposes to go back to ancient archetypes where community, sustainability, and simplicity are the assets for a prosperous living. The platform rotates around a system of collaborations with council, institutions and designer who envision and practice the same social and environmental values.


The United Generations wants to create an ecosystem of cultural and educational spaces for old and new generations based on sustainable, integrated and caring economies where wellbeing is the new economic value.


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Adalberto Lonardi

Adalberto Lonardi is an interdisciplinary artist and designer developing strategies for the social needs of tomorrow. With a passion for Architecture, a background in Visual Communication, and a devotion to the Social Environment, his fields of interest span across children’s and adults’ education, social integration, and community empowerment. After earning a Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art and training as a designer at FABRICA by Benetton, Adalberto has worked for the past ten years in the creative field and founded his interdisciplinary practice AL (Adalberto Lonardi).

Supported by KLS

Katherine Low Settlement is a community centre that has been at the heart of the community in Battersea, South West London, since 1924. KLS runs a range of community services, campaigns for social change and supports young people, families, older people, women and refugees communities.