October 19, 2020 · 1.3 min read

The United Generations presented at Conscious London 2020

Conscious London Festival 2020 invited The United Generations' founder Adalberto Lonardi to talk during Ecosystems, the third session of the three-day festival part of The Centre for Conscious Design, concerning the role of design to improve our cities.

The United Generations is presented during the 2020 Conscious London (CCL) Festival, a chapter of the Conscious Cities Movement, part of The Centre for Conscious Design (CCD). The festival brings together multidisciplinary speakers for an online cultural programme of talks, conversations, screenings and virtual visits to inspire and connect the science, design and creative communities.

Ecosystem screensaver on colorful gradientsConscious London - Ecosystems, third session of three day festival

The third session of the Festival, Ecosystems, hosted The United Generations project, among other brilliant talks by international speakers including Mark Thomann (Director of wHY Landscape) and Jen Masengarb (Senior project manager at the Danish Architecture Centre). As Ecosystems talks about the relationships and synergy between micro and macro realities that positively affect people's lives, The United Generations represents how different spaces can synchronize to create the arcadian world of tomorrow.

Screenshot of online talk representing Adalberto talking about the influence of the Power of Ten by the EamsConscious London - Adalberto presenting the United Generations

Conscious London is a multidisciplinary team composed by Studio Jenny Jones (CCD Fellow), Natasha Reid (CCD Fellow), Mark Besseudo (CCD Fellow) focused on human-centred, socially-conscious and science-informed approaches.

The Centre for Conscious Design (CCD) is an international network of experts, researchers and practitioners from a wide range of fields, focused on using conscious design to alleviate complex social and urban issues. The “conscious design” concept emerged out of the Conscious Cities movement which advocates for a healthier, more socially-aware and democratic built environment.

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