June 10, 2021 · 1.1 min read

The World We Care shortlisted for Tessa Jowell Health Centre

The World We Care by Adalberto Lonardi has been shortlisted for the new artwork at the Tessa Jowell Health Centre in collaboration with Dulwich Picture Gallery. The co-designed piece acts as a manifesto of what wellbeing, care and healing mean in the community today.

"More than ever, today, we need to rethink about the meaning and the power of wellbeing. Wellbeing comes under the forms of art, exercise, nature, food, spirituality and people. It is the holistic and fragile balance between ourselves, the neighbour and the world. Ultimately, wellbeing means care, and care means wellbeing. The care we aspire for ourselves, for our families, and for all."

Colourful glass Panels at Tessa Jowell Health Centre first floorThe World We Care - Panels at Tessa Jowell Health Centre first floor

The World We Care acts as a meeting point between the Tessa Jowell Health Centre values, services and the community needs, and the Dulwich Picture Gallery collection to explore the themes of health, care and healing. To reflect the Centre’s interdisciplinary and holistic approach, at the centre of the artwork there is the human being in relationship to four key ecosystems which enhance our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing: Nature, Community, Health and City.

The World We Care - Preliminary drawings

Created by the voices of the staff and the patients of the facilities, a vibrant ribbon piece, like a frieze placed at the heart of a temple of health, will carry every day a message of hope, joy, and resilience for the young and old visitors.