February 8, 2021 · 1.5 min read

Together as One wins the fifth KCAW Mural competition

The Public votes Together as One designed by Adalberto Lonardi as the Lansdowne Road winning mural for Kensington and Chelsea Art Week, a public art initiative in collaboration with Royal College of Art, London Projects, and Studio Indigo.

Together as one is a site-specific handpainted mural that celebrates the power of the Notting Hill community as a symbol of hope and harmony for tomorrow. Inspired by the neighbourhood’s history and the architectural restoration of the site, the drawings represent three stories through time. For the artist, it was important to show the value in reconnecting with our history, our traditions and the people who shaped us to essentially find who we truly are; “As artists, citizens and human being, we need to celebrate the simple and essential moments of life”

Mural overall coloured sketch (100x25cm)Together as One – Mural overall coloured sketch (100x25cm)

The first panel celebrates the area as a pottery and pig farm village in the 19th century, showing ceramic production among young and old residents surrounded by animals with the iconic kilns in the background.

Carnival scene coloured technical drawingTogether as One – Carnival scene coloured technical drawing

The second panel represents an early Portobello Market- now an iconic establishment that shows the relationship between fruit and vegetable vendors and customers which has been vital to adding to the rich vibrancy of the borough’s streets. The third panel shows the intimate moment of a family preparing for the Notting Hill Carnival inside a recently renovated Georgian house.

Mural preparatory sketchesTogether as One – Mural preparatory sketches

The unique drawings style presents strong symmetrical patterns and uplifting colours according to the Vaastu Shasta design principles. Developed as a universal pictorial language, the signature drawings will encourage simplicity, inclusivity and personal interpretation. The drawings are the outcome of an iterative process that includes hand drawing, digital rendering, and creative software to match the design of the artwork with the existing hoarding structure.

The mural will be hand-painted on-site by the artist in late January 2021.
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